Family lists from Russia:
1834, 1850, 1858 family lists for Shcherbakovka, available for $35 each from Faye Schantz.
1834, 1850, 1858 family lists for Holstein, available for $35 each from Edith Bottsford
1834, 1850, 1858 family lists for Dreispitz, available for $35 each from Ed Hoak
1834, 1850, family lists for Mueller, available from Brent Mai
1834, 1850, 1858 family lists for Schwab, compiled as one document for $105, available from Faye Schantz
1834 family list for Galka, available for $35 from Faye Schantz.

Family charts from Russia.
Money from family charts owned by friends/members of the Lower Volga Village Project over the actual cost of the charts is used to purchase additional research from Russia. Charts vary in price.

Becker from Tscherbakowka
Borger from Holstein, available from Edith Bottsford
Clauser from Dobrinka available from AHSGR
Dahlinger from Galka Shcherbakovka and Rosenberg, available from Dick Kraus.
Ehrlich from Shcherbakovka, available for $35 from Faye Schantz.
Fischer from Kraft received by Ed F. Wagner
Gerlach from Dobrinka available from AHSGR.
Grenz who moved from Holstein to Franzosen available from Edith Bottsford.
Gritzfeld from Holstein, available from Ed Hoak.
Haffner from Shcherbakovak available from Fay Schantz.
Hanschu from Shcherbakovka available from Fay Schantz.
Heinitz from Eckheim, originally from Holstein. Available from Suzanne Dodge
Hildermans who moved from Holstein to Dietel available from Elton Peterson.
Hildermans from Holstein, available from Ed Hoak.
Kelln from Holstein, available from Edith Bottsford
Kraft from Shcherbakovka, available for $35 from Faye Schantz.
Laubhan from Tscherbakowka, available for $35 from Faye Schantz.
Mai from Holstein and Kratzke, available from Brent Mai. See Kratzke web pages for information.
Martin from Holstein and Galka, available from Ed Hoak.
Meier from Shcherbakovka & Franzosen, available for $35 from Faye Schantz.
Neb from Kraft, available from Fay Schantz.
Oblander from Shcherbakovka, available for $35 from Faye Schantz.
Peil from Holstein. Contact Carl Peil.
Reisig from Shcherbakovka, available for $35 from Faye Schantz.
Schreiner from Kraft received by Ed F. Wagner
Schultz from Kraft, available from Fay Schantz.
Schwein from Holstein and Kratzke, available from Brent Mai. See Kratzke web pages for information.
Siegward from Kraft, available from Ed F.Wagner.
Steinert from Shcherbakovka available from Fay Schantz.
Stricker from Shcherbakovka, available for $35 from Faye Schantz.
Wassenmiller descendants of Johann Peter, available $35 from Faye Schantz.
Weibert from Messer, available for $35 from Faye Schantz.
Wolf from Dobrinka available from Faye Schantz.
Wunsch from Galka, available from Jayne Dye.
Zwetzig from Shcherbakovka available from Fay Schantz.
Winter from Shcherbakovka available from Fay Schantz.
Grebe from Kraft available from Fay Schantz.
Schwindt from Kraft available from Fay Schantz.

This is a partial list of family histories of Germans from Russia for the Stephan and Galka Parishes. If two copies are on file at AHSGR, your local Inter-Library Loan librarian can order a copy from: AHSGR, 631 D St. Lincoln, NE 68502-1199.

Bay, Judy, Bay/ Steinley Family from Dreispitz, 1999, Descendants of David Bay andJulianna Elizabeth Wollert from Dreispitz.

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Peter Ehrlich Book 2 1979; compilers: Vivian Ehrlich Steinert, Leon Ehrlich York, Leah FritzlerWinter, and Esther Meier Baker. photo copied 184 pp. shch. (Not available in Library.)

Bender, Meta R. Herdt; Ehrlich Family History, 1977, CS 71 .E37 B46 (Descendants of Conrad Ehrlich b. 1840, Shcherbakovka, and Sophia Steinert) Monument, KS. photocopied 86 pp. shch.

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Haffner, Jacob ( via Clara Becker Montania); The Becker and Haffner Family Tree, 25 Feb1992, Ekaterinburg, Russia. Mimeographed 11 pp.(#103) shch
Avant, Kelly (Heinitz), Heinitz: Germans from Dresipitz, Russia in the U. S.

Descendants of Adam Heinitz and Juliana Heidt from Dreispitz to Mt. Lake, MN. CS 71 .H45 A93 1997.

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Bender, Meta R. (Herdt), Herdt Family, 1977; CS 71 .H47 B46.Descendants of George Henryand Mary (Stuttgardt) Herdt from Friedenberg, Samara, Russia.

Eichman, Zwetzig, Schneider, Steinle, Nuss, Strecker, Niedens, Schwein, Oblander, Winter, Riffel, Zitterkopf, Keil, Ehrlich, Blehm, and Wassemiller are some of the surnames. Other Volga Villages include Schwab and Eckheim, and Blumenfeld. 111 pages.

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Autobiography of Dave Steinfeld, born 8 Apr 1889 in Holstein. 1943

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Jacob Winder Family 1997, follows descendants of Jacob Winder 1855-1934, and Eva

Elizabeth Laubhan 1860-1937, from Shcherbakovka and Awilowa, settling in Ames andEnid, OK and Windsor, CO. It is dedicated to Mary (Winder) Blehm. Name spellingmay also be Winter.

Winter Family History, CS 71 .W566 1994 ?

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Ehrlich, Johannes ( & Lydia) The Letters from Russia. CT 235. A4 E3 1991x. (Letters written in1903 back to their children in Marion, KS, while they were on a six week visit to family in Russia. Translated in 1970) A companion book to The Ehrlichs, Volga German Millers. shch. dobr and 18 other places.

Praetorius, Max, Galka, A German Village on the Volga. 1912. This book in German issummarized in English by Maria Kilbert in the Nov 1997 issue of village newsletter: The Dresipitz, Muehlberg/ Shcherbakovka Sheet on pages 9-12

Wasenmueller, V. Durov; Muehlberg, (In German) DK 34 .M84 25 Jun 1993, Daugavpils,Latvia; 160 pp. English translation of first 40 pages by Ella and Werner Wadewitz. shcha.k.a. Muehlberg.

Wasemiller-Wadewitz, Ella Victoria & Rev. Werner Karl Wadewitz; German Roots in Russia,Script for the documentary video of the Johann Dietrich

Wasenmueller and JohannDavid Niedens Families, 1993. Fort Wayne, Indiana, Photo copied, 37 pp.

Kerbs. Emma (Wassenmiller). Papa, How Did You Say Goodbye? audio tapes and 76 page transcript done between 1987 and 1996 describing village life and a flight from Russia in1921. shch

Soshnikov, Vlad. Wiesenmuller: Original Settlers. DK 34 .W54 1997.


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